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Hello, I am Jhon Becker, Founder of thePlayProfit.

I am 25 years old and nowadays I am living in the city of Washington.

A few months ago I was working as a waiter in a bar in my city, until I discovered a system with which I am making around $200 a day thanks to the Internet. Just a few months ago my salary did not exceed $1000 per month working 8 hours a day; now I can enjoy my time, and I earn more than $6000 every month!

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My system is simply a kind of "trick" to always win at online casinos. It is 100% legal and safe, and I have been using it since 2017.

Along with my friend David, we discovered an infallible system that allows us to win always and without exception in any online casino.
It seems like something impossible, but if you spend your next 10 minutes reading our system, you will find out that it isn't. You have nothing to lose!

I imagine by now you're asking yourself, why I would reveal this trick for free. Here's the answer:

Below I explain, step by step what you'll need to do. Just read carefully and don't worry about anything else. It is very easy and you will be able to earn your first dollars in the next 10 minutes; I GUARANTEE YOU

Follow these 3 steps

Since we are going to use casinos to earn money, the first thing is to open a free account in those we will make money with. Below are a list of recommended casinos to apply my system, the casinos we are using now. You can open a free account in each of these casinos for free. All are legally registered and regulated in USA.
GoldenLionCasino Cherry Gold SuperNova Casino BoVegas Casino

Recommendation: we recommend to open an account in each casino and spend time playing at each one instead of registering an account in only one and playing there for an hour per day. It is better to register at multiple casinos and play for approximately 15 minutes each day with each one.

Once you have opened a free account in one or all the casinos, sign in and start playing. At each casino, you can choose between "Play For Fun" or "Play For Money" account. If you want, you can begin using my method with a "Play For Fun" account to make sure it really works (it works 100%, but in case you don't believe it, you can check yourself). In this mode you will not need to deposit money, but you will not earn real money. Next, don't forget to change to "Play For Money" mode in order to start making real money.
Once you start using a "Play For Money" account, make your first deposit. You should deposit at least $50 or more to implement my system; if you deposit less, it's probably the system will not work. After making funding your "Real Money" account, go to "Card & Table Games - Roulette - European roulette" (or "Premium Roulette") and start playing using my method as explained below.

The explanation of the method:

Here is the trick that must be applied to casinos that I've recommended. The main principle is easy. We are simply betting on the red and black squares. Not on any number, just these two colors.

1) Make a small bet ($1 for example) on black and spin the roulette wheel.

2) There are two possibilities:

    - It turns out black: congratulations, you have doubled your bet (you win $2).
    - It turns out red: you've lost, at which case you'll have to double your bet (in this case, the bet is $2) for the black and, then, spin again.

3) If you win the bet, you will have to bet the same amount ($1) on the other colour (in this case, red). You must change your colour every time you win. If you lose, keep making bets on the same colour and continue doubling the previous amount until you win. In this case, your bet should be $2 on black.

And so on ...

In conclusion:
- when you lose, double your bet on the same colour until you win.
- when you win, change the colour and continue betting the same amount, beginning with $1.

As you can see, if you lose several times in a row (for example, 5 times in a row) you will need to have around $30 in your casino account because if not, you will not have enough money to implement the system. Normally, you will lose between 2-3 times in a row, but losing 5 times in a row can happen. With $50-$100 as first deposit, you will never have this problem, and the system will work perfectly.

Real people Testimonials:


Katy Grider


Justin Green


Why don’t casinos go bankrupt if it's so easy to win money?

We always use big casino brands whose revenue is around $1,000,000,000 per year. They have millions of players who place their bets randomly. Moreover, the players are using casinos recreationally, hoping to win a little or even a jackpot. There are only a few players (1-3%) who actually use strategies, these players use casinos to earn real money. Some of them are successful, some fail, but together they represent a very small percentage. Casinos earn large profits from the other 97-99% of players who spend huge amounts of money just for fun, and also from those who fail using poor strategies.

How safe is it? (Analysis)

With a $1 bet place on one of the colours, you have a 50% chance of winning. That's a good chance, but it is not good enough to earn safely. Therefore after every loss you double the previous bet, and as a result your chance of winning becomes 75%. If lose again, you double your second bet, and this will give you an 87.5% chance of winning. As a result, doubling your previous bets will give you a winning chance of up to 99.9%, which means that you will certainly earn money.

How much money is safe to start with?

Your account's balance is also important; when I withdraw my funds, I always leave at least $100 in my account to use as start-up capital for the next time I play. If this amount is too large for you as a starter don't worry, you can use a smaller starting capital like $50. This strategy gives you a 98.5% winning chance which is more than enough to win and earn with European Roulette!

New: at the top of this website you will see a video that you can watch LIVE of how I make $20 in just 5 minutes using the easy method that I have explained above.

You could make up to $6000 a month easily. Think about all you could do with that money. And the only thing we ask for is that, after your first month, you share your story with us and leave us your opinion.

Have any doubts?
Surely you have several questions or questions about the system, but do not worry. Have a question?
Do not hesitate to contact me at

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Paul MooreWell, I have the honor of posting the first comment and be the first to say thank you. Thank you very much. It really works and that profits increase very fast. I've already earned $140 in 45 minutes. THANKS!
Olivia MillerResults truly amazing. I started to try playing in "for fun" and, of course, it worked. So I've proved it with real money, and I've earned over $200! Thank you for revealing this secret.
Liam TaylorIt is very well explained. Congratulations for your generosity, thanks to you I have won $120 today. Thanks friend! :)
Alexander WhiteSimple, free and effective ... What more could I want? Like others, I thank you. With this system, I'm starting to forget my financial problems.
Michael AndersonIt is rare to find someone so generous these days... I also thank you. It works great as you say, and it is very easy!
Emma DavisTruly amazing. I did not think it would work, but I thank you for sharing free this money making system. I have almost $100 in my account and I just started using it 20 minutes ago. Thank you!
Sophia HallVery good system. Indeed, it works. Many thanks for sharing it!
Jacob BrownI had also heard about this system to make money with roulette, but I never had explained in such detail. And the best part is that it's true that it works. And of course, thank you very much!!
James LeeThank you a lot. This system works perfectly!
Noah RogersI only have one word: INCREDIBLE. I saw this system before, but anyone has helped as you do. And now, I am making serious money online. Thanks!
Harper AllenI never thought making money was so easy. I used to make a few dollars per month with other sites, and now I make more than $500 in a simple week. Thank you!!